Periodic task stuck in "Rescheduled" state.

Attempt to resubmit the task does not show any error in UI, but also does not lead to task execution.

It can be seen that the task was successfully completed during the last execution:

Jun 4 01:33:49.004 : DBG []: c.p.p.tracer entry: correlationId
Jun 4 01:33:49.004 : DBG []: c.p.p.tracer exit: correlationId
Jun 4 01:33:49.004 : DBG []: c.p.p.s.p.e.PeriodicTaskCommandProcessor periodic task: 340115 command message ID:ccaa7f43-a5e9-11ea-a3c8-001c42d733e7 processing completed in 206249 ms

The following message is shown on all subsequent attempts to execute the task:

Jun 11 11:16:45.482 : DBG [task:1264700 EJB-default---1:386 pau]: c.p.p.s.p.e.PeriodicTaskManagerBean Periodic task 340115 already running, skip execution


Software-related issue #OA-10764. 


The issue is fixed in CloudBlue Commerce 20.4. 

The only workaround for the current version of the platform is restart of services on Management node:

service pa-agent stop
service pau restart
service pa-agent start