Sales order for Azure subscription fails with the following error:

Task "Provisioning "Tenant" for APS application Azure Cloud Solution Provider(" (id = 59154192) is failed with error: "'500 Internal Server Error' received from 'POST': AADSTS900439: Confidential Client requests are not supported on the public endpoint ( for tenants in the Azure Government cloud. Send your login requests to instead. Please see for more details Trace ID: *** Correlation ID: *** Timestamp: 2020-06-04 15:49:01Z " 


Azure CSP endpoint is misconfigured. The endpoint in Odin Automation should have special configuration for CSP Partner from US Government cloud (see for details).


1. Resolve the misconfiguration by setting the following value in /usr/local/azure/site/config/config.json configuration file on Azure endpoint:

[root@azure ~]# grep 'activeEnvironment' /usr/local/azure/site/config/config.json
    "activeEnvironment": "AzureUSGovernment",

2. Restart Azure CSP endpoint:

service azure-app-server restart

3. Resubmit failed order and verify that endpoint authenticates through correct Microsoft cloud (host in URL should be "" instead of ""):

2020-06-11 07:42:42,439 INFO  [] (azure task-33) <API-GATE> Login to '***007/' as the confidential client '02***9c' by refresh token

4. In case if the issue still persist, contact Microsoft Support to clarify the behavior.