What's New in This Release

Azure CSP NCE 1.4 brings the following additions and enhancements:

  • Partners can transfer from Azure CSP 7.x to Azure CSP New Commerce Experience 1.4. Learn more.
  • Descriptions of configuration parameters and available values are now available in the YAML configuration file (application.yml.template).
  • Invoices of partners who sell in multiple currencies are now processed properly.
  • Azure plan availability now supports an additional product setting, "segment", which is set to "commercial" by default.

Requirements and Prerequisites

  • Odin Automation 8.3, CloudBlue Commerce 20.4, or later.
  • The Rating Engine 1.0-112 component must be installed and configured. For instructions on how to install and configure it, please refer to this article.

Additions and Enhancements

Build 113:

  • APSA-22734. Provisioning and retrieval of invoices from Partner Center could fail because of a short time-out setting.

Resolved Issues

Build 113:

  • APSA-22737. Invoices could not be processed if there were unprovisioned subscriptions.

Build 114:

  • APSA-22760. Customers could not be migrated if their tenant domains resided in zones other than *.onmicrosoft.com.

Build 119:

  • APSA-22836 Sales order fails with Application settings error message
  • APSA-22856 Multicurrency partners processed only the last invoice
  • APSA-22851 Cancelled Subscriptions don't appear in "Disabled subscriptions" tab


Contact your Ingram Micro support account manager to obtain the new versions of the Azure Cloud Solution Provider: New Commerce Experience (Azure CSP NCE) application package.


To install the Azure CSP NCE application, please use the instructions provided in the Azure NCE documentation.


Upgrade is only supported from versions 1.3 and 1.3.1. To upgrade the Azure CSP NCE application, please use the instructions provided in the  Azure NCE documentation.

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