A reseller can purchase a subscription for the customer based on the plan which is revoked from the list of delegated plans.

Steps to reproduce

1. Revoke a delegated Service plan from provider to a reseller

2. Purchase the Service plan for a customer under the reseller using RestAPI

RestAPI example:

   "type": "SALES",
   "accountId" : "c13a2ae9-8381-4e4b-bbc5-7174d05e283b",
   "paymentMethodId": "0",
   "products" : [{
         "planId" : "2fc09765-a638-4d6a-bc9b-f9164a64c687",
         "period" : {
            "unit" : "MONTHS",
            "duration" : 1

Service Plan condition - Must be Disabled by Provider.

A Revoked Delegated Service Plan should not be able to be sold by a reseller to a customer.


When using RestAPI to create sales order for a customer by a Reseller, API will bypass Publication configuration in UI regardless if service plan is marked Disabled/Revoked by Provider.

As long as RestAPI is supplied with the correct and enough information, while Service Plan is still active, RestAPI will process and proceed to create a sales order for the customer using the revoked/disabled service plan.

This behaviour is recognized as software-related issue OA-16072.

Contact your Technical Account Manager to clarify the status of the issue.