What's New in This Version

This release of the Azure integration package brings the following additions and enhancements:

  • To comply with the financial regulations of Russia, Hungary, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine, Microsoft now requires users residing in these countries to provide additional information such as tax registration ID. For this reason, the Azure application prompts users in these countries to specify that information during the creation of Azure tenant subscriptions.

Dependencies and Prerequisites

This package can be deployed on Odin Automation 7.4-8.3 and CloudBlue Commerce 20.4 and later.


Contact your Ingram Micro account manager to obtain the new version of the Azure Cloud Solution Provider (Azure CSP) application package.


To install the application, please refer to these instructions.


Upgrade is only available from versions 7.7.0, 7.7.1, and 7.7.2.

  1. On the Azure endpoint node, check the file /usr/local/azure/site/config/config.json. If the isStaging property is null, replace it with "isStaging": false.
  2. Copy the package to the endpoint node and perform the following commands:

    #unzip -o -d /usr/local /root/odin-azure-distr-7.7.3.x.zip
    #cd /usr/local/azure
    #python deployment/setup.py upgrade
  3. Copy the package to the management node and perform the following commands:

    #unzip -o -d /usr/local /root/odin-azure-distr-7.7.3.x.zip
    #cd /usr/local/azure
    #python deployment/setup.py upgrade
  4. Upgrade application instances in Odin Automation (CloudBlue Commerce).

Additional Resources