Following the steps described in Hiding Prices in UX1 for Customers, a user is still able to see prices on the "Buy More" tile when managing Microsoft 365 licenses. Other prices are hidden normally as expected.


As stated in Hiding Prices in UX1 for Customers, to hide prices displayed on an APS 2 application's screens in UX1, a provider must adjust the corresponding locale strings of this application.


Create a localization add-on for Microsoft 365 APS application for the required language. In the localization file, the string "__price__/__unit__ per __period__" must be used to modify the content of the Fee column. For example, a file en_US.po with the following content loaded as a localization add-on will result in displaying "No fee" instead of an actual price as shown on the screenshot below.

#: ui/nextcp/buyMoreLicenseSeats.js:92
msgid "__price__/__unit__ per __period__"
msgstr "No fee/__unit__ per __period__"

After the localization add-on is loaded, clean the brand cache. In VM-based UI, all contents of directory /var/cache/brands/ should be removed:

# rm -rf /var/cache/brands/*

For a UI cluster deployed in Kubernetes, clean the /var/cache/brands folder on any pod:

# kubectl exec svc/branding-ui-cluster-ui -- rm -rf /var/cache/brands/*

Note that in order to apply the changes, it may be required to restart the pau service on all UI branding nodes (in case if a VM-based UI is used) or to restart the branding-ui-cluster-ui statefulset (in case of a Kubernetes-based UI cluster). For the latter, the following command should be used to restart all pods of the UI cluster:

# kubectl rollout restart statefulset branding-ui-cluster-ui
An important note: changes in the localization strings of an APS application are system-wide and cannot be limited to a certain vendor or customer.