After you upgrade to CloudBlue Commerce 20.5 or install the hotfix 20.4 v.21, a customer sign-up form becomes available with a blue banner in the left sidebar.

As the default image and colors of the banner might not be suitable to your custom theme (or skin), you might want to change it.

This article explains how to do it.

  1. Prepare a new banner and save it as a PNG file. The file name must be grid-left-background-image.png. Save it in the skin archive directory /content/images/.
  2. Edit the APP-LIST.xml file in the archive. Add a line similar to the following, between  <file name="content/images/logos/panel-logo.png" size="12865" sha256="XXXXXXXX"/> and </files>:

    <file name="content/images/grid-left-background-image.png" size="318804" sha256="a8543631a4f871d8f8c89179f8e741f1cb2d94ca5df59fcae41083ed14771c0a"/>


    • "318804" is the size of the image in bytes. You can obtain this number by using the command ls -l grid-left-background-image.png.
    • “a8543631a4f871d8f8c89179f8e741f1cb2d94ca5df59fcae41083ed14771c0a” is the sha256 hash sum. You can obtain it by using the command sha256sum grid-left-background-image.png.
  3. Upload the skin.