Release Notes

Full release notes for Parallels Operations Automation (POA) version 5.5.5 can be downloaded here.

Functional Changes

  • Log in as a Customer from a list of subscriptions
  • Website tools are moved to the Home screen in the Customer Control Panel

End of Life

  • Starting with POA 6.0, the Good Mobile Messaging service will no longer be supported.

Fixed Issues

Windows Shared Hosting

  • POA-84023 A domain from the removed Windows Shared Hosting subscription cannot be re-used for Linux Shared Hosting.
  • POA-83742 The task "Configure account for running site root applications configuration scripts on DS" is created during hosting removal.
  • POA-82799 The task "Uninstall FPSE support for virtual web server" fails.

Linux Shared Hosting

  • POA-84194 There is no tool in an NG cluster to monitor the performance of dynamic requests.
  • POA-84060 httpd reload is periodically issued upon a site application configuration.
  • POA-83946 The task "Collect resource usage statistics from Webserver #" fails because it cannot skip the disabled subscriptions.
  • POA-83886 The FTP Prefix setting should be returned back.
  • POA-83828 When a NAT is configured, the domain parking creates DNS A records pointing to the front net instead of the public network. As a result, domain parking does not work.
  • POA-83555 The task "Collect disk usage statistics on host" fails if one of the users was deleted during task execution.
  • POA-83317 It is impossible to restore a webspace backup if it contains a file bigger than 2Gb.
  • POA-82883 It is not possible to access a website via the 2nd level of a wild-card sub-domain (sub-sub-domain).
  • POA-82286 POA may create the files with zero umask.
  • POA-82267 The fastcgi Apache Extension is lost after applying changes to the PHP Configuration.
  • POA-78415 The LVS configuration update fails if the POA database is on another host.

VPS Hosting

  • POA-84005 The VPS scheduled backup creation is initiated before the subscription is fully provisioned and this blocks provisioning of the subscription in PBA.

Application Hosting

  • APS-15701 After upgrading to POA 5.5, an error occurs when opening the "Skins" screen under a newly created reseller.
  • APS-15170 A copy of a mailbox is created in LiveOffice when the mailbox settings are changed.

Cloud Infrastructure

  • CCU-7853 When the server's storage type has been changed as a result of migration, this storage change is not displayed after the migration is finished.
  • CCU-7838 Messages about unknown servers are reported by the PACI agent and spam the PACI-im-error log.
  • CCU-7815 The CPU autoscale does not work for virtual machines that have two or more CPU cores in their configuration.
  • CCU-7721 Instance manager didn't check server UUIDs when processing the resource usage reports it received from the PACI agent.
  • CCU-7706 The conntrack module should be enabled on a PCS node, when such a node is added to POA as a Cloud Infrastructure Virtualization node.
  • CCU-7695 PACI agent could stop sending a server usage reports after that server is migrated.
  • CCU-7661 PACI Instance Manager does not follow the batch size of the backup task, which may result in multiple backups running simultaneously and cause the performance issues on PCS node.
  • CCU-7651 PACI Instance Manager fails to stop and then restart, when some operations are still active on PCS hosts.
  • CCU-7617 It was impossible to hide prices for some Cloud Infrastructure resources in the customers control panel.
  • CCU-7603 Private networks could occasionally disappear from nodes hosting customers' servers.
  • CCU-7594 PACI agent could generate wrong event IDs for resource usage reports.
  • CCU-7583 Cloud servers could be managed with inactive administrative accounts that were put on hold.
  • CCU-7401 The number of servers on virtualization nodes displayed in the POA provider's control panel could differ from their number in the Instance Manager database.
  • CCU-7400 The default server search in the Cloud Infrastructure module displays only the first 100 servers without any notification.
  • CCU-7864 It is not possible to delete or restore Server backups for a Cloud Infrastructure.


  • POA-84052 Changing the Reseller account default language changes the Reseller account locale instead.
  • POA-84016 If some canceled task is blocked by some other non-canceled task, the periodic task "Cleanup canceled tasks" fails.
  • POA-83965 If an external custom menu has been added to the Customer Control Panel, when it has been opened, the UI crashes in Customer Control Panel on an attempt to use the Navigation path access.
  • POA-83937 A search for canceled tasks fails with an error.
  • POA-83935 The custom TCP KEEPALIVE timeout should be restored to provide more frequent keepalive checks.
  • POA-83907 The pem.enableAccount method does not enable subscriptions.
  • POA-83718 It is not possible to change a user's password from PBA if POA 5.5 is integrated with PBA 5.4.
  • POA-83588 Path traversal vulnerability in Provider Control Panel.
  • POA-83396 Crash dumps do not work for Plesk on windows.
  • POA-83252 Error in the pleskd log: Access to IDL:Plesk/ADInputStream:1.0::inactive attempted under slave node account.
  • POA-83177 The "scheduling agent update" task on the Windows slave node is unstable: sometimes the error CORBA/COMM_FAILURE occurs.
  • POA-82974 The AD Synchronization task fails for those users that have passwords weaker than is required by the new POA 5.5 password policy.
  • POA-82908 pleskd crashes if the incorrect login credentials are specified in the pleskd.props.
  • POA-82549 A warning about an account low balance is shown in the Customer Control Panel if a customer does not use postpaid services.
  • POA-82424 When switching between POA and PBA, obsolete session cookies are stored by the Chrome browser, which may lead to an error.


The update can be downloaded here.

Please contact Support for its deployment.


You can find full installation instructions in the UPDATE.txt file from the distribution.

Additional information

All required system updates can be easily installed through pa_updates_installer (see instructions).

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