Windows Shared Hosting task fails with the following error:

Destination host 'providerhost01.tld' (#2690), IP '' : Provisioning request failed. Cannot create a file when that file already exists. [<response><errorContext description="Filename:Error: Cannot add duplicate collection entry of type 'binding' with combined key attributes 'protocol, bindingInformation' respectively set to 'http,'" code="0x800700b7" executeSeqNo="2"><errorSource namespace="IIS7Provider" procedure="SetBindings"/></errorContext></response>]


User added www alias (subdomain) in Hosting CP. Provider in parameters of Service Template for resource of IIS hosting set WWW prefix to be added by default for hosted websites. As a result when request from OA comes to winweb server it contains duplicate WWW bindings and IIS throws an exception correspondingly.


Either remove automatic creation of WWW prefix in Service Template parameters or do not create www alias. In most cases users create WWW as dns record for main domain.

For particular task - it is needed to temporary cancel task (blocked similar tasks as well), remove alias and resubmit tasks.

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