About This Update:

  • Fixed CCU-10287 Added Portuguese translation to WAP APS.


To be able to use this update, you need the following: Parallels Operation Automation (POA), version 5.5.7 or above. Parallels Billing Automation(PBA) module,version 5.5.6 or above. Windows Azure Pack installation integrated with POA


To update an existing installation of Windows Azure Pack APS package, please follow these instructions:

1) Backup plesk database.

2) In the POA control panel, go to Tasks > Periodic. Find Synchronize resource usage for instances of APS applications task. Make sure task is not running and then temporary cancel it.

3) Update the Windows Azure Pack APS package RPM using the following command on the node where it is installed:

rpm -Uvh WAP-1.4-299.parallels.noarch.rpm

4) In the POA control panel, go to Services > Applications, switch to the "APS Packages" tab and click the Windows Azure Pack APS Package.

5) Switch to the General tab and click "Upgrade instances" button

6) Restart WAP service

If you don't have the Windows Azure Pack APS package and want to install it from scratch, please refer to the Windows Azure Pack Integration Guide available here


Update can be downloaded HERE

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