Failed task to Set photo for AD user

Last execution output   
Destination host '' (#320), IP '' : Provisioning request failed. Unknown error 0xC220140E [<response><errorContext description="Resolution of execute statements failed from a procedure=main namespace=request executing procedure=SetUserPhoto namespace=SW Managed Active Directory. Check Event Viewer for additional namespace load errors." code="0xc220140e" executeSeqNo="0"/></response>]


The feature "User Photo" has one limitation: it will be working in case no MPS is registered in POA. In case there are both MPS and WPE servers used all requests for User Photo will go through MPS server and photo would not be passed to AD server. So, to make this feature work you can (if you want to) decommission all MPS server.


The attribute for photo is not defined in AD yet.


In first case, it would be necessary to decomission MPS server in case following services are not used:

  • IIS 6/7
  • SharePoint 2/3
  • MS SQL 2000/2005
  • Hosted Exchange 2003/2007
  • Good Mobile Messaging
  • Hosted Dynamics CRM 4
  • Hosted OCS 2007 R2
  • Windows Streaming Media
  • ColdFusion 6/7/8

To check if the attribute is enabled:

  1. Open a command prompt (cmd) and type: REGSVR32 SCHMMGMT.DLL
  2. Run mmc.exe
  3. Click File > Add/Remove Snap-in and select the Active Directory Schema snap-in
  4. Click ADD and OK
  5. Expand the Active Directory Schema node and click on the Attributes folder.
  6. In right hand pane, locate the Thumbnailphoto attribute
  7. Right click on it and select Properties
  8. Check the option Replicate this attribute to global catalog
  9. Click OK.

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