A sales order to provide an NG Shared Hosting subscription fails:

Service Creation Failed: Parallels Operations Automation error # == Error while calling pem.activateSubscription == error_message = There is no appropriate host for provisioning:...

In /var/log/poa.debug.log during provisioning:

Apr 10 19:25:22 osscore : DBG [openapi: 1:3231:f2c07b20 Apache]: [txn:373727 apache::apache_impl::doProvideResources] PHP as module is not supported by service 1010

The service template used for provisioning includes a 'Shared Hosting PHP' resource that is configured to provide PHP as Apache module.

Provisioning fails even if the service plan does not include this resource.


NG Apache hosts do not support PHP to run as Apache module. By design, NG hosting service templates must not include resource types, configured to provide PHP as Apache module.

Creating Service Template for Apache Web Hosting > Specifying Resource Types for Main and Additional Features

"Important: Including PHP resources for the PHP mode which is disabled in the Apache service configuration may cause provisioning failure. Moreover, there must be at least one host supporting all configurations of PHP which are included into the service template."


Remove the 'Shared Hosting PHP' resource from the service template and add the 'Shared Hosting PHP' resource configured to provide PHP in FastCGI mode.

Creating Resources for Shared Apache Web Hosting > Creating 'Shared Hosting PHP' Resource Type

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