We have made several improvements to the integration between CloudBlue Commerce and CloudBlue Connect:

MPN settings will be automatically filled in billing resources with data from CloudBlue Connect. This enables you to use the product features that rely on MPN, such as Product Inventory and Marketplace API. This also enables the propagation of MPN data into reports produced by the Reporting and Data Export module.

To apply these improvements to your deployed apps from Connect, we strongly recommend that you complete these steps:

  1. In CloudBlue Connect, enable the support for Item Profiles, recreate all application packages, and update applications by following instructions on the Connect documentation portal.
  2. Install the connect-sdk package version 19.3 or later on the management node:

    # pip install connect-sdk typing

  3. Install the migration tool on the management node:

    # yum install -y https://download.platform.cloudblue.com/cb/support/migrate-connect-item-profiles/migrate-connect-item-profiles-1.0-4.rpm

  4. Determine the Connect API URL and create a Connect API key for your installation, as described at https://connect.cloudblue.com/community/modules/extensions/api-tokens/. You will need them in step 6.
  5. For each Connect application, determine the app ID. You can look it up in Provider Panel > Services > Applications > APS Connectors tab.
  6. Run the migration script on the management node:

    # python /usr/local/pem/migrate_connect_item_profiles/migrate_connect_item_profiles.py <app-id> --api-url "https://api.connect.cloud.im/public/v1" --api-key <key> | tee /tmp/migrate.log

    Where <app-id> is the application ID that you determined in step 5, API URL and API key are the URL and the key for access to the Connect API. Do not confuse it with the CloudBlue Commerce platform.

    Here is a complete list of settings and arguments supported by the migration script:

     migrate_connect_item_profiles.py [-h] app_id --api-url API_URL --api-key API_KEY
    app_id  Application ID. See 'Services'  Applications' > 'APS Connectors' in CloudBlue Commerce Provider Control Panel.
    --api-url API_URL  Connect public REST API base URL.
    --api-key API_KEY  Connect public REST API authorization key for Provider.
    -h, --help   show this help message

  7. If you are running this migration script on CloudBlue Commerce 20.4, perform the following additional steps:
    1. Set MPN settings as in the following example.

      You can learn how to do this at https://docs.cloudblue.com/cbc/20.4/premium/content/Billing-Providers-Guide/PCM/PCM-Configuring-MPN-Settings.htm.

    2. In Provider Panel > Billing, locate the service template containing the resources of that application, select the resources, and click Load MPN From Connector.

If you are running CloudBlue Commerce 20.5, skip the steps 7-a and 7-b: They will be performed automatically.

Note: If the script produces the error “Item profile type not found in the package <package_id>”, this means that the last installed package version does not support the ItemProfile resource scheme. (1) Update the application to the latest version. (2) If this is the latest version of the package, contact the application vendor through Connect and submit them a request for publishing a new product version.