Domain registrar InterNetX is configured in CloudBlue Commerce platform. Renewal orders for some domain subscriptions never complete and eventually fail with timeout.


InterNetX provides a functionality to auto-renew domains which are registered under some top-level domains (TLD) (.de, .nl and many others). This means that renewal operation for such domains cannot be initiated by CloudBlue Commerce billing system. Instead, when a renewal order is issued for such domains, CloudBlue Commerce has to poll the domain status from InterNetX and wait until the domain expiration date is renewed automatically. This behavior was not properly handled by the InterNetX PHP plugin shipped with CloudBlue Commerce, which was recognized as a software issue OA-19041.


Contact your Technical Account Manager in order to clarify the current status of the software issue.

In order to apply the fix manually follow the steps below:

1. Log in to the service node where the package domain-sdk is installed

2. Backup the file /var/www/pa-domain-sdk/InterNetX/InterNetX.php

3. Download the file InterNetX.php attached to the article

4. Replace the file /var/www/pa-domain-sdk/InterNetX/InterNetX.php with the downloaded one.

5. Make sure service plans are configured as described in the documentation.