How to export and import server configurations

This feature allow us to export/import server configurations that can be duplicated and shared across Multi-Cloud Orchestrator subscriptions.

Note that imported servers that are not fully managed by the platform cannot be exported as csar.


  • An operational server with a public IP.

Export server configuration as csar file

  1. Go to Compute -> Servers, select the checkbox from all the servers to be exported and select "Export to csar file" option in "Actions for n item(s)" selectable. Server export select
  2. Wait until the csar file is generated csar file generation
  3. Once the csar file is generated, press the "Download csar file" button. csar file download

Import server configuration from csar file

  1. Go to Compute -> Servers and select "Import servers from file" option in "Add server" selectable. Server import select
  2. Select the csar file, add a label and press the "Import" button. Server import form
  3. Wait until the csar file configuration has been fully imported (Check the bottom right progress widget). csar file import