Azure CSP subscription is getting imported to OA with the future cut-off date.

For example, subscription was imported on November 10th with the following "cut-off date" parameter (November 30):

  "provisioning_attributes" : [ {
    "key" : "cut_off_date",
    "value" : "2020-11-30T00:00:00.000Z"

As a result, while comparing data between Azure CSP and endpoint database, it can be seen that there is a huge usage difference.


The subscription was created on some past date of the current month (November 10th in the example above) using the import workflow. The parameter "cut-off date" was specified as the future date (i.e. Nov-30-2020).
That means the billing of the subscription for specified month was expected to be done by/in previous system (not OA) that managed this Azure subscription in a period till the specified cut-off date (i.e. November 30 inclusive). This is also mentioned in the Azure Documentation:

Cut-off date – this is the date when Microsoft completes the transfer of a subscription, stops billing an old CSP partner and starts billing a new CSP partner. Starting from this date, the usage of Azure services is gathered and billed according to the configured rules and prices in CloudBlue Commerce. Make sure this date is confirmed with all the involved parties: previous partner, customer, and Microsoft.


If it is required to see the full usage for the specified month in OA (month when subscription was imported), i.e. it should fully match to Microsoft invoice issued for 1 month period, please cancel and destroy the subscription in the platform (don't forget to set "Don't suspend in Azure" flag for this subscription first), then re-import the subscription using the appropriate cut-off-date (for example, the beginning of the month "Nov-1-2020").

It will cause the usage lines to re-import and new amounts will be calculated.