Fixed Issues

  • OA-31355 Support for BillingContactID and TechContactID domain subscription parameters in UX1

Included in BSS 20.5-2241

  • OA-30660 Plan name and descriptions were not available in iw_IL, sl_SI and sr_RS locales

Included in BSS 20.5-2240

  • OA-30038 Remote handlers were called for technical orders

Included in BSS 20.5-2139

  • OA-29841 The ability to control the behavior of subscription period determination during switching subscriptions from CSP service plans to NCE service plans

Included in BSS 20.5-2138

  • OA-29418 An error occurred when retrieving information about a terminated subscription

Included in BSS 20.5-2137

  • OA-28552 Display or hide the Customers menu item in UX1 by privilege

Included in BSS 20.5-2136

  • OA-28557 The ability to initiate provisioning on period switch
  • OA-28192 Support for the changeParameters property in Change Order

Included in BSS 20.5-2135

  • OA-28389 The Portfolio menu item is now added in UX1
  • OA-27656 The anonymous context for orders is now supported

Included in BSS 20.5-2133

  • OA-28218 Subscription and billing periods and trial parameters were not set to pem.setResourceTypeLimit during the subscription synchronization

Included in BSS 20.5-2132

  • OA-27984 Cancellation and downsizing policies did not work after reimport of the Excel file with PLM plans

Included in BSS 20.5-2129

  • OA-27371 Support for setting different prices for products with several subscription periods

Included in BSS 20.5-2127

  • OA-26317 Payment SDK now supports the REDIRECT status for the Callback method 
  • OA-27152 Terminated subscriptions with the last billing date in the past failed to synchronize with the service plan

Included in BSS 20.5-2124

  • OA-25077 Support for APS REST API account operations to place cancellation orders and to set or release Administrative Hold

Included in BSS 20.5-2122

  • OA-26253 Support for new policies for subscription cancellation and resource downsizing, including Office NCE subscriptions
  • OA-26255 Support for new policies for subscription cancellation and resource downsizing in Order Management
  • OA-26259 Support for new policies for subscription cancellation and resource downsizing in UX1 for Customers

Included in BSS 20.5-2116

  • OA-26897 The /delegate task failed with the error 500
  • OA-26898 The applyConfig tasks failed by timeout

Included in BSS 20.5-2114

  • OA-26916 Migrator UI
  • OA-22094 Support for new rating engine for existing subscriptions

 Included in BSS 20.5-2110

  • OA-26728 CEP report minor improvements have been made in this version

Included in BSS 20.5-2108

  • OA-26420 The subscription synchronization task failed with the "cast to bool type on NULL value" error when subscriptions were in the Ordered status

Included in BSS 20.5-2105

  • OA-26327 Some changes required to support PLM have been made in this version

Included in BSS 20.5-2089

  • OA-25755 A billing order could get stuck in the HF status
  • OA-25679 An error occurred when clicking Charge Credit Card on a payment document
  • OA-25591 A promo code value was removed from a subscription after the subscription transfer
  • OA-25516 The "Report billing data" task failed causing a lack of memory

Included in BSS 20.5-2080

  • OA-23908 The ETransactionCheckStatus task finished without exception in case of network error during plugin invocation invocation

Included in BSS 20.5-2079

  • OA-23786 Unable to activate DNSSEC for a domain name that starts with a capital letter using the PHP OpenSRS plugin

Included in BSS 20.5-2077

  • OA-22994 Billing Application - Selling Domains Through UX1 Marketplace ( requires OM 1.4.322 or higher )

Included in BSS 20.5-2076

  • OA-23234 The legacy payment screen was displayed on attempt to pay an invoice in UX1
  • OA-23085 The order detail description was generated with the system locale instead of the user locale
  • OA-23375 The "Pay" button became unavailable on the invoice screen after canceling or closing the payment pop-up window
  • OA-23327 Subscriptions were not displayed in the "Subscription" tab in UX1

Included in BSS 20.5-2073

  • OA-23160 Orders with configured Handling Fee could not be fetched with REST API

Included in BSS 20.5-2072

  • OA-22684 A reseller was not billed in case of misconfigured TopUp Options settings
  • OA-22240 GetOrderDataPackage_API did not support Billing Orders based on VRD charges

Included in BSS 20.5-2071

  • OA-22917 Order processing took too much time due to many unprocessed events in the Billing task manager
  • OA-21265 Rating Engine's consistency with service plan synchronization, resource synchronization, and API to set subscription resource amount

Included in BSS 20.5-2066

  • OA-22531 It was impossible to synchronize the publication status of a delegated plan

Included in BSS 20.5-2064

  • OA-22096 Support for order and subscription transfer in RE

Included in BSS 20.5-2060

  • OA-22393 An index for the Reseller Transaction table query was required
  • OA-22411 The tax calculation for an invoice with many details failed

Included in BSS 20.5-2058

  • OA-21242 Reseller Marketplace can be accessed from ConnectWise Manage
  • OA-22090 The Usage consumption type for a resource is introduced ( requires UX1UI higher than 4.1 version )

Included in BSS 20.5-2056

  • OA-22118 A reseller order with many details was not billed

Included in BSS 20.5-2055

  • OA-21539 The "Add New Service Anniversary Day" wizard did not have enough field descriptions
  • OA-21291 It was possible to make duplicate payments for a reseller invoice

Included in BSS 20.5-2050

  • OA-21189 Classic Product Inventory did not support updating price and cost for the same MPN provided by different applications
  • OA-21188 Classic Product Inventory did not support setting different prices and costs for an same MPN that belongs to different vendors

Included in BSS 20.5-2045

  • OA-21085 Billing configuration statistics was not integrated into the latest versions of CloudBlue Commerce
  • OA-21150 The "Available for Sale" plan setting was not synchronized during reseller synchronization
  • OA-21193 It was impossible to set the Microsoft service anniversary day

Included in BSS 20.5-2042

  • OA-21039 PrometheusMetricsCollectorInitBean caused high CPU usage on the BSS database

Included in BSS 20.5-2040

  • OA-20860 The scheduler process sometimes consumed too much memory
  • OA-20859 A plan version was not changed during reseller synchronization
  • OA-20573 getWizardData logging took too much time in PCM
  • OA-20572 The same package was requested many times in PCM

Included in BSS 20.5-2039

  • OA-20032 Almost 25% of Renewal Order generation time during the DBP was used by bPlanRate::getPlanRateForPeriod

Included in BSS 20.5-2037

  • OA-20266 The Price and MSRP values were unnecessarily validated when only Costs were imported
  • OA-20239 A suboptimal SQL query affected DB performance

Included in BSS 20.5-2036

  • OA-19692 Google Analytics was not integrated into Classic panels

Included in BSS 20.5-2034

  • OA-20279 TaxZoneID was erased after account data update

Included in BSS 20.5-2028

  • OA-19990 A promotion price was not displayed in the public UX1 marketplace

Included in BSS 20.5-2026

  • OA-19660 VRD Order is not generated while Account in "Credit Hold"


This hotfix can be downloaded from here.


This package requires latest version of OSS component


Use oa-update KB111323 to install this hotfix. Also this hotfix will be installed automatically during upgrade to CB 20.5.0 via oa-update.

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