Resellers's staff members and Account's staff members are receiving notifications with subject "The customer has wrong contact data" and body

"Microsoft 365 has found that some fields of contact data for customer 'XXXXXXXX' contain incorrect information. Please log into CCP, check and correct it" even if they are not subscribed to the "Office 365 Customer has wrong contact data" notification template from the PCP or RCP side.


Starting from the Microsoft365 v20.2, application notify staff members of a Reseller and Account in case incorrect information was provided in Sales Order and application was not able to create new Microsoft Account.


There is no way to turn off or unsubscribe from these notifications for Microsoft365 v20.2 application. 
The application behavior is adjusted in Microsoft365 v 20.3.1 in scope of Feature Request #PFR-4786 to have a possibility to adjust notification settings.

Please use the documentation page to adjust Notification settings for Microsoft365 application: