Obsolete order types UG, DG, and CL are going to be removed in CloudBlue Commerce 21.4. Also, RB order statuses will be changed to other statuses in this release.

The pre-check procedure is created to perform the following checks:

  • Does the system have uncompleted UG, DG, or CL orders,

  • Are there order operations that generate UG, DG, or CL orders,

  • Are there order flow handlers for RB order statuses (OF_CheckResellerBalance, OF_CheckResellerBalanceExc).

Possible errors and how to resolve them:

  • Error: "There are non-completed UG/DG/CL order(s). You have to complete them to proceed further"

    Solution: Find all UG, DG, or CL orders and manually complete or cancel them.

  • Error: "UG/DG/CL order operations are not supported anymore. You have to switch UG/DG to CH order usage and CL to CF order usage"

    Solution: Switch the resource upgrading or downgrading procedure from UG and DG to CH orders, and CL orders to CF.

  • Error: "Order flow OF_CheckResellerBalance and OF_CheckResellerBalanceExc handlers are not supported anymore"

    Solution: Change these handlers to the following four statuses: RB, AD, CT, and TW.

After you fix all pre-check errors, run the precheck again. Then, proceed with the upgrade.