How do I know if a product works via Connect Adapter or via PLM?

Can I use both at the same time? 

Can one affect another?


A product can be configured to work in CBC both ways simultaneously. Details below.

Note: The two configurations do not affect each other, i.e. they work independently. So if you choose to do everything via PLM, you do not have to fix anything related to Connect Adapter configuration.

Via PLM (recommended way):

Visible in PLM menu UX1 PCP > Import from Connect:

PLM service template for that product will have product ID in its name, see picture at the bottom.

Via Connect Adapter (old technology):

Visible in UX1 PCP > Connect

If you click on Manage, you will find it's service template ID:

Also visible in PCP > Connect

Here you can see both STs in Classic PCP:

#147 - Connect Adapter

#161 - PLM