In an attempt to import PPR file for Inhouse Product, an error occurs:

"Unexpected error while parsing configuration"

with an error in in inhouse-products pod

19-05-2022;08:38:30,638 WFLYEJB0034: Jakarta Enterprise Beans Invocation failed on component ExcelConfigManagementBean for method public abstract com.od
in.platform.excel.api.ExcelConfigManagement.parseExcelConfig(byte[],int): javax.ejb.EJBException: Unexpected error while parsing configuration, please contact support
        at deployment.inhouse-products-backend.war//com.odin.platform.excel.ejb.excelwizard.ExcelConfigParser.parse(
at deployment.inhouse-products-backend.war//com.odin.platform.excel.ejb.ExcelConfigManagementBean.parseExcelConfig(


PPR file has the incorrect column name "#N/A" from the "ServicePlan" sheet.


Make sure that the PPR file is correct and matches with the official documentation