In CloudBlue Commerce version 21.7, the Bill for Subscriptions that are on hold functionality of Credit Terms has been discontinued.

If this new BSS behavior does not suit your business needs, you can temporarily return the previous behavior by enabling the following special feature in the database: FEA_USE_BILL_SUBSCRIPTION_ON_HOLD. Use these instructions.

After enabling it, the respective checkbox becomes available for Credit Terms. This setting allows the provider to collect payments as follows:

  • When this setting is enabled, the system issues invoices on billing dates to all customers and resellers for all their subscriptions including those that are currently on hold. If a reseller’s subscription is on hold, the system will still bill the reseller for all of the reseller’s customers. This means that the provider can receive regular payments from all accounts and for all subscriptions, including those which are suspended.

  • When this setting is disabled, the system does not issue invoices on billing dates for subscriptions that are on hold until they are removed from hold (after that, a consolidated invoice will be issued). This means that the provider will not receive regular payments from such accounts or for such subscriptions until they are removed from hold.

This setting applies to all customers or resellers that belong to the customer class to which these credit terms are assigned. This setting does not modify the charge calculation logic.

Important: Before enabling this functionality, you must contact your TAM, Product management, or Suport team as this workaround is temporary.