Change order for Microsoft365 NCE plan switch fails with an error

Downsizing licenses is not allowed in transitions. The new quantity (X) must be equal or greater than the quantity of the original subscription (Y).

PR change request from CloudBlue Connect side is failed as well.


Microsoft365 Connector does not support dynamic order validation in change orders.  Platform Feature Request PFR-5454  - "NCE full immediate upgrades - plan switch policy which prohibits limit changes" exist to cover this behavior. 

The following Feature Requests exist to cover a situation where a portion of licenses have to be moved to a new Plan:

PFR-5689 - "Short-term solution for NCE immediate partial upgrades with a NEW subscription case"

PFR-4770 - "NCE immediate partial (value) upgrades - new operation to move a portion of seats to a NEW subscription".



Please reach out to your Technical Account Manager or to clarify the status of the Feature Requests.