In RDE version 3.7.39, privileges have been introduced to give resellers the opportunity to restrict access to charts and to all analytics for unauthorized staff members:

  • "Application Reporting and Data Export: RDE Charts", and
  • "Application Reporting and Data Export: RDE Global".

These privileges are enabled in the “Account Administrator” role by default. 

However, the Account Overview visualization report functionality is available for CloudBlue Commerce version 21.6 (UI and Branding 21.6-85) or later. If you use version 21.5 or earlier, you must disable the Application Reporting and Data Export: RDE Charts privilege for all roles using a special script.

Disabling the “Application Reporting and Data Export: RDE Charts” Privilege

  1. Ensure that RDE is upgraded to version 3.7.39.
  2. Download and save the script to the CloudBlue Commerce management node.
  3. Add execution rights to this script using this command:

    # chmod a+x
  4. Run the script as follows:

    # ./

    Note: If the RDE was not upgraded to version 3.7.39, the script will output the error message: “Cannot find RDE privilege group RDE Charts”.