We get the following errors when trying to change a password and use the system password generator.

- The password should have more special characters.

- Password is too short.

Is it possible to adjust the password generator so it generates password according to the system policies?


Two causes are possible:

1. IDP password policy is not applied in password generator widget. 
The issue has been fixed in CBC 21.2. Internal ID: #OA-23063 

2. It might be that your password policy needs adjustment.
Note: Once IDP is enabled it becomes in charge of password policy.


1. Upgrade your CBC platform to the the latest version or at least to 21.2.

2. Verify that the Minimum password length and Required character types settings are configured correctly in IDP settings:

You may find more information about it in our documentation:

Note: You can configure a password policy for:

  • Your own users: your direct child reseller or customer account users
  • Child account users: your reseller or customer account users.

Both on the same screen.