Let's suppose that user is locked using the IdP module. If user is locked, we need to understand where can we check the status and how do we unlock the user, without waiting for the specified timeframe?


Log in to the Keycloak administration panel using the instructions from

Note: Check documentation page for your platform version.

If the password is already set, for CBC 20.5 the steps are:

Log in to the Keycloak administration panel using the following URL:
https://<brand_domain>/auth/admin, for example:
with the credentials: admin/<password>.
If you forgot the password, you may get it from the Management Node with:
# helm get values idp-backend | grep keyc

Once logged in:

1. Select the needed realm (the ID of the realm should match the ID of the corresponding brand in CBC) in the top-left corner.

2. Go to Users and search for the needed user (e.g. using its login)

3. Click on the found user. If it is locked, you will see a button to unlock it:

Note: You may also unlock all users that are temporarily locked by pressing Unlock users button:

If you have more questions, you may try to find answers at the general Keycloak documentation page -