Action buttons created do not work. In UX1 go to Portfolio > Products > Product Lines > Product - PRD-XXX-XXX-XXX-X > Description > Add Action. However, once we go to the subscription and click on the button, it leads to a broken page.

The following error can be seen in the oss log:

2023-02-17T17:00:24.121106053Z stdout F 17-02-2023;12:00:24,120 DEBUG [1457e7c4-9f73-8d7b-dabd-dcdedd1bef4f aps-service:73290 aps-service-task-1631 oss] c.p.p.tracer exit: returning {error=com.ingrammicro.imcp.library.aps.exception.APSError, message=404 Not Found ConnectError(error_code=CNCT_001, errors=[No Action matches the given query.], params=null), packageId=xxxx, http_request=GET https://inhouse-products:8081/rest/tenant/xxxx/action/test_button_11/AS-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX} 


It is happening because the button is created on the PLM side, so it has PLM ID.

On button click, we are sending a GET request to Connect API, to retrieve the button URL which should be opened. But since the button is created on the PLM side (ProductLine -> Description -> Add button (Manage)) and not on Connect side (Product -> Embedding -> Actions), connect does not have information about the button, and the exception is raised.

The issue has been submitted to CloudBlue Automation R&D Team as an internal issue with ID PDI-1840.