Periodic task named 'PSA Integration b402397e-9809-443a-93e6-xxxxxxxxxx auto sync' is failing with output:


The application returned an empty error message. Check the application logs to find out what went wrong.

In the psa-integration pod log there is an error as below:

01-03-2023;10:18:55,949+0000 DEBUG [ task-509: psa-integration] c.i.p.a.c.i.LogRequestInterceptor - GET https://oss-node-0.oss-dns:6308/aps/2/resources?implementing(,eq(,6531fcc1-f0d5-8542-69bc-1d16e5e79f26),eq(,28d19257-2ab8-432d-81f6-0e5fbd833045),select(bssAccountInfo),limit(0,1)
01-03-2023;10:18:55,975+0000 ERROR [733d3a27-d397-5f3c-8987-d6d5786c477f http-nio-8080-exec-2:59 psa-integration] c.i.psa.error.ApiExceptionHandler - null org.springframework.web.context.request.async.AsyncRequestTimeoutException: null 

Manually re executing the mentioned task may finish successfully, but it will start to fail in following attempts.


After certain amount of time, if autosync process is not finished, request timeouts and shows as failed in tasks list. 


This is recognized as issue with ID PSA-3163 and the fix is considered to be included in one of the next updates of the component.