Change order failed with below error:

The order provisioning failed.
The last error is "Task "Delivering event 'Resource limits changed' for APS application inhouse-products(https://inhouse-products:8081/rest)" (id = 71688235) is failed with error: "'500 Internal Server Error' received from 'POST https://inhouse-products:8081/rest/tenant/c08d2289-a83c-4d61-bee6-8aad459f37ae/onLimitChange': Operation 'LIMIT_CHANGE' failed. Fulfillment Request 'PR-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX'. Reason: Downsizing licenses is not allowed together with other actions. The new quantity (1) must be equal or greater than the quantity of the original subscription (2).


The issue can be happened due to License amount changed while switching from one plan to another.


In this case The license amount was changed from Microsoft 365 Business Premium (NCE COM BAS 1MO MTH) - 2 licenses to Microsoft 365 Business Premium (NCE COM BAS 1YR MTH) - 1 license while switching the plan.


1. Check the PR status on the Connect side: 

2. Cancel the current order as it will never be completed.

3. It is possible to switch Service Plan only on the same amount of licenses or greater number of license.

There are a few ways how to resolve the issue after you cancel the failed change order:

a) Upgrade all licenses to New Plan

b) Use a partial upgrade tool to switch part of the licenses to a new plan.