Sales order fails with the below error:

The order provisioning failed.

The last error is "Service Creation Failed: Task "Provisioning "Tenant" for APS application inhouse-products(https://inhouse-products:8081/rest)" (id = 326001) is failed with error: "'500 Internal Server Error' received from 'POST https://inhouse-products:8081/rest/tenant': Operation 'CREATION' failed. Fulfillment Request 'PR-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX'. Reason: There are no availabilities for country XX, product XXXXXXXXX, sku XXXX and segment commercial.


As the error message indicates, this SKU is not available on the Microsoft side.
One of the possible reasons is that the product reached End Of Life(EOL) and Microsoft has removed it from the offer list, so it is not available for purchase anymore.


1. Contact Microsoft to clarify why the product you requested is not available for purchase anymore.

2.  Check the PR status on the Connect side. The CB order needs to be canceled If the request failed in Connect with the same error. 

3. Please disable all EOL products and upload new PPRs regularly to avoid such issues in the future.