Renewal Order for domain is in "Provisioning Failed" status with following error message:

"Domain renewal failed. Domain renewal request declined by registrar. The 'oldExpire' additional parameter must be set for the domain. You can set this parameter to the current expiration date of the domain subscription by using the script that you can obtain from the KB article at The 'oldExpire' additional parameter must be set in the format 'yyyy-mm-dd' where yyyy - the year of expiration date, mm - the month of expiration date, dd - the day of expiration date. Domain Status:Registered".


Parameter 'oldExpire' is not included into the domain additional parameters. This can be confirmed from the Control Panel:

  1. In billing provider's control panel, go to Services > Domains.
  2. Find the domain for which you need to modify the field.
  3. Open the Additional Information tab of the domain.

In case no 'oldExpire' parameter exist under this domain proceed with "Resolution" steps. In other situations submit an Incident ticket to CloudBlue Technical support.


Download attached script and copy it into oss pod. Then execute the script to add 'oldExpire' value (this value is current expiration date). The script changes the value of a single field for a single domain at a time.

Important! The name of parameters (they represent additional fields of a domain) are case sensitive. Be careful with entering parameter's name, as if you misprint it's name, a new parameter will be added to the domain's additional information.  

Script execution example:

python --domain-name --parameter-name oldExpire --parameter-value 2023-09-24

Confirm value is correctly added to the domain on the Additional Information for it. Then resubmit order and wait until it is completed.